MUSIC: Fav. Kartel Song


, , , I’ve been trying to perfect singing along to this for 10 yrs, still can’t get it right :/


MUSIC: Matis- YA- hu


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I have been listening to a lot of happy music like Jason Mraz, Reggae and Latin lately. Matisyahu has been on repeat :), this is my favorite song by him- just wanted to share.

“Bright lights might look nice, but they sure won’t make you sharp 

You can’t sew a stitch with one hand, while you’re taking it apart”

“Trapped in the elevator of your mind
Is it real, what will you find behind the door
Your imaginations put you in a bind
Around you there’s a cloud of gloom
Swallow the key, lock yourself in a room
Can’t see outside of your Universe”

Sometimes we get so consumed with our thoughts and our own little world we created that it bogs us down. This song reminds me to look around and take some time away from myself, negative people and thoughts.

MUSIC: Distant Relatives


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Sometimes I avoid new music just because I know I’d fall in love or really like the song/ band etc. and buy their music.  I give Amazon and iTunes too much of my money, but it’s totally worth it!  This album is one of those, I purposely avoided listening to it for YEARS just because I’d end up falling in love.  Last fall a co-worker really encouraged me to listen to this and as expected <3.

Dispear- Nas and Damian Marley

I don’t know if it’s fear of liking something else and then becoming the person that has millions of interests that might lack depth or just me trying to be a bit more frugal musically.  Either way one thing I am working on is investing in thing I truly like and have interest in.  Which  might be going to a Beyonce concert just because she’s a great performer and YOLO or finally 3 years later buying Distant Relatives.

As We Enter (Enta?)- Nas and Damian Marley

Here’s to seizing the day and enjoying life!

FOOD: Stewed


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I haven’t really been blogging lately, it’s been a long time! I hope to cut that out and get in the habit again… time will tell :).  The other day at work a few of us did a potluck and I brought in stew peas, a Jamaican dish.


This was my first time making it, I adapted the recipe to include soy chunks, making the consistency thicker which I like… I think it turned out well.


It’s that time of year when I’m extra Jamaican 😉